Philanthropic Spirit

At The Charles Penzone Salons, we pride ourselves on being valuable members of the community by volunteering our services and donating time and products, towards helping numerous local and national causes. Our chairman, Charles Penzone, and president, Debra Penzone, as well as our extensive network of team members, are directly involved in various programs and events every year. Hundreds of team members generously volunteered their time and lent their expertise in company-sponsored charity programs in 2010, to date.

Arts & Culture

Local art and cultural events bring the Columbus community together.  The Charles Penzone Salons supports these causes by donating time and resources to the local museums, theaters and several special events and programs.

Health & Wellness

The Charles Penzone Salons is a strong advocate for causes that empower women and support children.

Disaster Relief

The Charles Penzone Salons uses the power of their hands to lend relief to those impacted by natural disaster.

Corporate Caring Award

Charles Penzone, Inc. is committed to many philanthropic endeavors and contributes to a variety of charitable organizations. 
Since our founding in 1969, The Charles Penzone Salons has been committed to our community and giving back to many local and national causes. Our professionals selflessly volunteer their time and lend their talent to contribute to many programs and events.  Additionally, The Charles Penzone Salons contributes to many non-profit groups to help them reach their goals and raise community awareness for their causes.

We believe in the power of our professionals and have witnessed the little miracles that have been made through our contributions.  We invite you to join the Charles Penzone team in making a difference in our community. Please click here to find out how you can become involved with any of the charities listed below.

Best regards,

Debra and Charles Penzone