Eminence Launch December 1st!

We are so excited to introduce our new organic skin care line, Eminence Organic Skincare, which hits the salons on December 1st! Certified organic and biodynamic, these concentrated blends of pure fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices combine results-oriented treatments with natural aromatherapies to create the ultimate spa experience. We have designed two new facial treatments utilizing the Eminence Vitaskin lines.

Brighten and lighten the appearance of uneven pigmentation with our new Bright Skin Facial. Starting with a customized exfoliation treatment, our estheticians will nourish your skin with a signature plant complex of Natural Hydroquinone Alternative and Gigawhite help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging. Enjoy a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage and a carefully selected treatment mask, leaving your face glowing and bright!



 60 Minutes $95   Master $103    Senior $114               


Heal and soothe problem skin with our Clear Skin Facial. This detoxifying treatment works to target blemishes and inflammation from acne. Experience our Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment to open pores and draw out impurities. Our estheticians  will relax you with a soothing face, neck, and shoulder massage, and fight breakouts with the Clear Skin Probiotic Mask. Blended with cooling cucumber extracts and exfoliating yogurt, this exceptional facial with leave you with a clear and luminous complexion!


60 Minutes $95    Master $103   Senior $ 114

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CMH Fashion Week Recap

The Charles Penzone Salons was honored to be Title Sponsors for this year's CMH Fashion Week, which mimics New York Fashion Week with an entire week full of fashion events, and concluding with two seperate fashion shows: The CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show, and the CMH Fashion Week Finale Show. As title sponsors, we hosted an open house at one of our salons in lieu of the upcoming fashion shows, and we showcased our hair and makeup capabilites by doing all of the hair and makeup for these two runway shows.

Our professionals have incredible talent, and were able to bring all of these local designers' visions to life. Never underestimate the creative force that lives in this city, they will always surprise you in the most wonderful ways. We can't wait to do this all over again...next year.

A big shout out to our CMH Fashion Week Team, as well as our team captains! Congrats on a job well done!

Team Captains: Vivian, Catalina, Tiche, Olivia

Charles Penzone Salons Team: Wendy, Gwen, Libby, Hayden, Lola, Kat, Kelly, Rosie, Kasey, Gianna, Paulina, Monroe, Eden, Jaden, Noelle, Sophia, Alia, Harper, Kendra, Daphne, Jordan, Miley, Nicole, Genevieve, Cali

Check out our Facebook page for more CMH Fashion Week images: facebook.com/CharlesPenzoneGrandSalons

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Sports Massages and Post-Marathon Remedies

This coming Sunday, over 18,000 runners will take their mark and get set to run a marathon or half marathon in the Columbus Marathon. Running a race of this caliber is no easy feat-if you're a runner, you understand all of the time and training that goes into preparation. If you are a spectator, you most likely can't even fathom what would drive people to sign up and run that kind of distance to begin with. Either way, after the race is done and your feet have crossed the finish line, your muscles will be a *little* sore. Just sayin'!

Here at The Charles Penzone Salons, we have a deep appreciation for healthy and fitness, and we want to let our Columbus Marathon runners know that there are service you can schedule ahead of time to ease your post-race soreness.

For targeted muscle soreness, try our Kinesio Taping, available only at our Dublin salon.

Use as an add-on service in addition to your massage. During this add-on service to any massage, your condition will be assessed by our Kinesio Taping Certified Practitioner and the area of concern will be taped. This process is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. 15 mins, $20. Additional tape applications $10/each. (Available at Dublin, only)

You can also get Kinesio Taping as a solo service. During this stand alone service, your condition will be assessed by our Kinesio Taping Certified Practitioner and the area of concern will be taped. 30 minutes, $40. Additional tape applications are $10/each. (Available at Dublin, only).

For more intense muscle relief, try one of our massages. Our Deep Tissue Sports Massage targets deep muscle tissue to release tension, relieve stiffness, and soothe sore muscles. The technique used in this massage helps improve muscle function. Feel free to schedule a Deep Tissue Sports Massage at any of our Grand Salons in Dublin, Polaris, or New Albany/Gahanna for relief you can look forward to. These hour-long massages start at $91.

Other suggested massages:

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils to stimulate the senses, reduce stress, and alleviate the discomfort of muscular conditions. 1hr
Massage: $86 Master: $94
Senior: $100

Full Body Therapeutic Massage

A licensed therapist will thoroughly massage your muscles. This relaxing massage will increase blood and lymphatic circulation and improve your overall well-being. Therapists can personalize your massage to focus on problem areas. 1 hr
Massage: $80    Master: $88
Senior: $93

Good luck, runners!

Posted: 10/16/2014 9:29:52 AM by Mary Sundermeier, PR Coordinator
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The Charles Penzone Salons Prep for Fall Beauty

Fall Beauty Trends:

Fall is always the time to change things up, to take a look at how you present yourself to the world every day, and to create a new style for yourself. Back to school and New York Fashion Week prove that yes, Fall is the best time to pull out all the stops in the beauty department. Below is a roundup of our favorite Fall trends. Take a look and book an appointment, a new is waiting with the changing colors.

(Heavy) Metallic Makeup: Metallic makeup is hot hot hot this season. Think warm and shimmery eye makeup coupled with a bold liner. Show off with a bit of glimmer!

Nail art has been hitting the runway this season and we're in love. These simple, elegant tips will practically go with any look you put together, they're so chic! Trends to look for this season include chevron, tribal, and colored tips and cuticles.

FALL HAIR, as told by Mika at our Dublin salon:

Mika knows a thing or two about Fall trends when it comes to hair. Let's allow her to do the talking:

"The days are changing, the cool breeze is coming, and soon the trees will be bursting with color. Before we know it, our iced tea will be replaced with warm pumpkin lattes and hazelnut mochas, so it's only natural to think of these same changes with our hair. This Fall, rich chocolates and vibrant undertones will tkae the place of our summer locks. While the beach waves are a fan favorite, we mix them up with a more volumized sleek bob or blow out. Below are just a few trends that are sure to amke their way into our fashion forward looks this Fall season.

  • BLONDE: Can't part ways with your light locks? No worries! Adding a honey blonde lowlight mixed with your ice blonde is a great way to bring fall into your look. No one ever said blondes had to be only one shade to have more fun! Let your brightest blonde frame your face while adding a tone or two of darker blondes into the mix. 
  • CHOCOLATE BRUNETTES: Browns or auburn more of your color? Then mix it up with dark chocolates and rich hazelnut highlights, or perhaps milk chocolate color blocking!
  • RED/COPPER: Want to really wow your friends?? All-out vibrant reds or glossy coppers are always a fun way to turn heads. Whether you choose a deep rich red with a violet undertone or golden copper tones, you will definitely be in step with Fall this season.
  • COLOR BLOCKING:This is a great way to add several of your favorite tones for Fall to your look. If golden honey blondes or deep chocolates are what you're going for, add several tones to really show off your mane. Let's not forget the hair cut, as this really helps mkae that new color pop!
  • SHORT BOBS/LOBS: The classic bob is never going anywhere. Clean, even, all-around or slight/dramatic angle forward this is a legendary hair cut. Lobs, or long bobs, is a great take on the traditional bob, and brings sass to the table. The back of this cut lays just on the shoulders, with a slight longer swing to the front, ending just below the collarbone.
  • LONG CLEAN CUTS: Don't want to cut? No worries! Long one-length/long layers with little layering or all one length will be seen everywhere this Fall. Styled straight, blown out, or tasseled waves are the ways to best style this cut.
  • FRINGE: Whether a swoop bang or blunt, don't forget a look can change in a huge way with a simple fringe. With all the different options, one thing is for sure this Fall-clean sleek cuts and rich bold colors will be seen everywhere.
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Mother Daughter Spa Day Participant Spotlight: Meet Rachel Barber

Rachel Barber will be attending Charles Penzone Salons' Mother Daughter Spa Day for the third year, and is really looking forward to that haircut and style!

Rachel, almost 16, was born with a disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB for short). EB is a skin disorder that makes Rachel's skin very fragile and causes blisters and wounds all over her body. EB is not contagious, but it will require Rachel to wear full body bandages to protect her skin and to promote healing. Despite having this debilitating disorder all her life, Rachel lives her life like a normal teenager. She is even in the process of getting her driver's license!

Get to know Rachel:

What hobbies do you have?
Rachel: Reading, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and watching TV

What is your favorite class?
Rachel: Math

What inspires you?
Rachel: Music!

We're looking forward to seeing Rachel and her mother again in a few weeks!

Posted: 7/14/2014 3:28:15 PM by Mary Sundermeier, PR Coordinator
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