The End of Winter Beauty Kit

Your winter boots have been replaced mid-season, you started taking vitamin D supplements, and you have finished three different television series on Netflix. That’s right, it’s March, it’s still Winter, and everyone is (still) miserable. “But it’s March” you say? We know, but Punxsutawney Phil DID predict six more weeks of Winter, so we’ve put together a snowmergency kit for some Winter hair and skin revival. We can see the light at the end of that tunnel we call Winter, and we’re going to see this season through looking fab.


Winterproof your skin by doing this simple tasks below:

•    To ward off dryness, cleanse your face just once a day. We recommend doing a face cleanse at night, and a simple rinse in the morning.

•    Alcohol dries the skin, so during the cold months, keep products with high levels of alcohol on the shelf. Exfoliate your body and face only once a week with a gentle scrub or a washcloth.

•    Take short showers. Over-bathing can strip the body of its oh-so-important natural oils.

•    Moisturize! Lather up at least twice a day to combat dryness. The dryer the skin, the thicker the moisturizer.

Your Winter Look:
Jade, esthetician at MAX The Salon in the Short North, created this look to keep you looking bright using the Youngblood makeup line we carry in the salons.

Brighten up your eyes with a wash of Platinum show from the Starlet palette. Smudge black shadow or black kohl pencil along the top lash line for a sultry, sophisticated look. Finish this with a pop of color in the lips and cheeks. Try Youngblood gloss in Siren for a deep berry shine, and a Temptress pressed mineral blush.

Keep your tresses in check by following a few pointers:
•    Shower less. Much like winter skin care, showering less keeps your hair hydrated and healthy.

•    Take a break from the heat. Avoid blow-drying your hair to avoid that static mess. Take it a step further, and avoid heat tools as a whole. Not only do they dry your hair out, but they can cause breakage.

•    Use a leave-in conditioner to lock moisture in. It truly is a great product for a quick fix!

•    Color your hair for the transitioning season! Have some fun with the end of winter/beginning of spring by changing your color up! Consider burgundy, reddish brown, or a fun ombre for starters!

Your end of winter hair product lineup. All products available for purchase in The Charles Penzone Family of Salons:

Davines MoMo Shampoo + Conditioner: Its particularly rich formula has been created to deeply moisturize dry, dehydrated hair, making it soft, silky and full of body without weighing it down.

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist - A sheer styling mist that gives hair instant polish and shine for lackluster locks.

MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask- Great for dry, damaged, or thick hair, this hydrating mask contains oil–rich formulas to deeply hydrate and condition your hair, while dramatically improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

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Needing some kneading: Massages aren't just for pampering

Needing some kneading: Massages aren’t just for pampering

It’s 2014, and we live in a society where all we do is rush around. If you are part of the working community, your days outside of work are spent catching up. For those who stay at home and tend to the family, your job is literally 24/7. Although many of us consider massages to be strictly for pampering, there are many medical benefits to getting your muscles kneaded and rubbed.


Massages reduce stress and tension. For those of us who would like a break from stress and can’t take a tropical vacation, a massage is the next best thing. Many times, stress leaves our muscles tense and achy. Science has proven that rubbing those muscles not only helps our bodies to de-stress, but it helps our minds to feel refreshed as well. Consider the time spent during a massage like a mini-vacation and see how much better you feel.

Suggested massage: Organic Candle Massage
As a massage candle fills the room with its luxurious aroma and warmth, the wax will melt at a soothing temperature, creating a warm blend of essential oils. A licensed massage therapist will utilize the warm oils to complete the ultimate massage experience, leaving your body relaxed and your skin nourished. After the massage is complete, the candle is yours to enjoy in the comforts of your own home. 1 hour duration starting at $102.

Massages relieve body pains.
Body pains are unfortunately a discomfort almost all of us have experienced at one point. Notoriously difficult to treat, soreness such as lower back pains can dwindle for days as we suffer under their sore curse. Massages have been proven to be a treatment that works for these pains. For chronic pains, it’s recommended that you schedule a massage once a week to keep you feeling ache-free.

Suggested massage: Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
The Deep Tissue/Sports Massage targets deeper muscle tissue to release tension, relieve stiffness, and soothe muscle soreness. The techniques used in this massage help improve muscle function.1 hour duration starting at $91.

Massages reduce blood pressure and boost immunity.
Massages are proven to increase our overall health, but especially benefit those with hypertension (high blood pressure) and low immune systems. Rubbing arms and legs can promote blood flow and increase immune levels, so if you suffer with these ailments, it’s beneficial to look into massages for health benefits.

Suggested massage: Full Body Therapeutic Massage
A licensed therapist will thoroughly massage your muscles. This relaxing massage will increase blood and lymphatic circulation and improve your overall well-being. Therapists can personalize your massage to focus on problem areas.1 hour duration starting at $80.

Here’s the rub down: Taking the time to take care of yourself may just save you from having health problems in the future. Knowing when you are under stress and knowing when to relax and take care of your body will pay off in the end. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a relaxing, therapeutic massage? Call us today and schedule a massage: 614.418.5350.

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Real CP Brides!

Did you get engaged over the holiday season? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! We are seriously so excited for you!

On your wedding day, we know that you'll have your groom's full attention. But until then, you can have ours! We offer a full array of services for brides - literally from head-to-toe!

If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out our reel of REAL CP brides. That's right - real women styled by the fanastic hair professionals and estheticians within our salons!

And, if you want a quick rundown of the fantastic services we offer for brides, head on over to the BRIDAL BRILLIANCE section of our website! There, you'll find a full list of services as well as information about our Bridal Coordinators, On-Site Services and Grand Suite.

Or, if you're more of the chatty type, give us a quick call: 614.418.5350!

We would love the opportunity to work with you this year! And, once again - congratulations on your exciting engagement!

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Warm Up With A Winter Staycation!

It’s nearing the end of January and Winter just won’t quit. Well guess what, neither will we! Make your friends jealous by booking a staycation with us. That’s right, you don’t have to travel far to get away. Below we’ve rounded up some of our coziest services to heat things up during the cold season.

Hot Stone Massage: Cozy up with this unique massage that helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation and balance your energies by strategically placing stones on and underneath your body. The stones are used to complete the massage experience. 1-1/4 hrs, starting at $118

Salt Glow Manicure: Allow yourself to shine! A salt glow exfoliation is performed to reveal softer skin. Special moisturizing lotions are applied and nails and cuticles are manicured. All this is followed by an application of the polish of your choice. 25 min, starting at $36

Salt Glow Pedicure: Give your feet a rest! Soft and supple skin is uncovered when an exfoliating and healing salt scrub is massaged into your feet. A special moisturizing lotion then restores hydration and your choice of polish is applied. 40 min, starting at $52
Penzone Custom Facial: Give your face a boost. This deeply relaxing facial includes a skin consultation followed by a customized skin cleanse, steam, and gentle exfoliation, as well as a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. A soothing facial masque leaves your skin looking flawless. Boosters are available for an additional charge. 1 hr, starting at $88
These services, coupled with our complimentary hot beverages, warm towels, and plush relaxing robes, are sure to take time out - literally. To schedule a staycation, give one of our package coordinators a call: 614.418.5350. Have a happy getaway!

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The Charles Penzone Salons Presents Runway Show at Columbus Bride

We had such an amazing time at the 2014 Columbus Bride Show! Our team of taented stylists worked behind the scenes, executing all of the hair and makeup for the models in the bridal runway show. We also had an informational bridal booth, providing bridal hair and makeup demonstrations at no cost! Couldn't make it to the Columbus Bride Show? No worries! Scroll through some pictures for some amazing bridal inspiration! Oh, and did we mention that we were on Good Day Columbus? It was pretty cool! Thank you everyone for coming out, we loved seeing you!

Below is a list of our amazing stylists who brought their talent to life!

 Name  Level of Expertise Location 
 Rosie  Associate  N/A
 Blake  Stylist  Dublin
 Maria  Stylist  Dublin
 Marty  Stylist  Dublin
 Parker  Designer  Dublin
 Skye  Designer  Dublin
 Tessa  Designer  Dublin
 Mika  Director  Dublin
 Sophia  Skin   Professional  Dublin
 Jaden  Skin  Professional  Dublin
 Audra  Skin Professional  Dublin
 Harley  Skin Professional  Dublin
 Clair  Designer  Dublin
 Monroe  Skin Professional  Gahanna
 Marnie  Skin Professional  Gahanna
 Genevieve  Director  Gahanna
 Arianna  Stylist  MAX German Village
 Gwen  Stylist  MAX Short North
 Libby  Stylist  MAX Short North
 Vivian  Designer  MAX Short North
 Jade  Skin Professional  MAX Short North
 Hilary  Stylist  Polaris

Want to see Charles Penzone photos from the Columbus Bride Show? Check out our album here:

If you would like to get in touch with a bridal coordinator, please call 614.418.5350 and have a GRAND day!

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