CMH Fashion Week Recap

The Charles Penzone Salons was honored to be Title Sponsors for this year's CMH Fashion Week, which mimics New York Fashion Week with an entire week full of fashion events, and concluding with two seperate fashion shows: The CMH Fashion Week Bridal Show, and the CMH Fashion Week Finale Show. As title sponsors, we hosted an open house at one of our salons in lieu of the upcoming fashion shows, and we showcased our hair and makeup capabilites by doing all of the hair and makeup for these two runway shows.

Our professionals have incredible talent, and were able to bring all of these local designers' visions to life. Never underestimate the creative force that lives in this city, they will always surprise you in the most wonderful ways. We can't wait to do this all over year.

A big shout out to our CMH Fashion Week Team, as well as our team captains! Congrats on a job well done!

Team Captains: Vivian, Catalina, Tiche, Olivia

Charles Penzone Salons Team: Wendy, Gwen, Libby, Hayden, Lola, Kat, Kelly, Rosie, Kasey, Gianna, Paulina, Monroe, Eden, Jaden, Noelle, Sophia, Alia, Harper, Kendra, Daphne, Jordan, Miley, Nicole, Genevieve, Cali

Check out our Facebook page for more CMH Fashion Week images:

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Charles Penzone Fashion Show Challenge

Another year, another highly anticipated Charles Penzone Awards Celebration and Fashion Show Challenge!  This past March we celebrated our 42nd Annual Awards Celebration at the Hilton Easton.

Since last year’s Fashion Show Challenge, Project Penzone, was such a success we decided why not give our talented professionals another fashion challenge, but with more challenges!  This year each model was provided with a black or white t-shirt, an additional assigned color (yes, that’s right they were only allowed to use 3 colors!), and $100.  The challenge – to create a cohesive runway collection while using 5 categories from some of the salon industry’s greatest competitions.  The five categories were Contemporary Classic, Fashion Forward, Haircolor, Texture, and Avant Garde.

Each Salon did a fantastic job while creating their cohesive runway collection, but as always, there can only be one winner!  We selected winners in each category as well as the grand winner for the most cohesive runway collection!

Check out our great video tribute below:


The winners were:
Contemporary Classic – The Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway
Fashion Forward – The Grand Salon in Gahanna/New Albany
Haircolor – The Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway
Texture – Max The Salon and Q Salon
Avant Garde – Max The Salon and Q Salon

Our Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway walked away with the grand win for the most cohesive runway collection!  Here is a snip-it from a blog written by the winning team!

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow!  Our assigned additional color is what inspired us.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, it was YELLOW!  From the minute we were assigned our color, we knew the team from The Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway was going to bring home the gold! (or should we say yellow?)

For our Contemporary Classic model, the inspiration was to make a bold, edgy, yet timeless statement.  We wanted the hair to be the focal point.  Which it certainly was with a 3 foot high mohawk made out of the model’s real hair!

Innovative and trendsetting is what we wanted for our Fashion Forward model.  When we were brainstorming for this look we looked at household items and came across an umbrella.  We took the umbrella apart leaving only the frame and morphed it into a spider-web shape.  This is when our Fashion Forward look came together.  Who would have thought an umbrella would have created such an amazing look while our model crept her way down the runway!

Haircolor was inspired by our color, yellow.  The first thing that came to our mind when we thought yellow is caution!  And caution is certainly what you need for this look and the whole runway collection.  These looks were HOT!

Snake scales!  Who doesn’t love this texture?  Exactly why we decided to surround our Texture model with the snake scale look.  For the model’s hair we decided to incorporate curls to give the wild and crazy textured look.  We even wanted to bring in a real snake for our model to hold but, we didn’t think that would fly on the runway.

Lastly  we have Avant Garde.  We knew for our final look we had to be over the top and very edgy!  The primary focus on this look is the hair made out of Styrofoam balls which hung with a grape like drop effect.  We made this look truly artistic and visionary with a chain dress which consisted of over 10 feet of different types and sizes of chains.

This year’s Fashion Show Challenge proved to be exceptional by seeing what all the salons brought to the runway.  Brainstorming ideas is just part of the fun, but seeing what all the salons create on the actual runway  is an entirely different experience – priceless! Everyone from The Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway proved to be such tremendous help and it’s always neat to see what creativity all of our professionals have!
    -Team Polaris

We celebrated the victory for The Grand Salon at Polaris Parkway with a catered lunch in the salon for the entire team.  We also awarded a trip to Vegas to attend the NAHA in July to our two team captains, Jolee Doster (Director) and Ricci Burkett (Stylist).

Thank you to all of our talented professionals that contributed their time and creativity to make the Fashion Show Challenge so successful!

Check out our great slideshow below:

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In Debra's Words: The Heart of Our Company

As we approach the busiest season of the year, I reflect on how incredibly blessed we are at The Charles Penzone Salons.  We are blessed for many reasons.  We’re blessed to be recognized as one of the best salon groups in the nation.  We’re blessed to have an incredibly dedicated and talented group of team members who consistently provide world class salon and spa services.  And, we’re blessed to have an incredible group of individuals in Columbus, Ohio and beyond, whom we’re lucky enough to call our guests.

During this time of the year, our salons are particularly busy.  Our guest service representatives, hair and spa professionals in the salons are an incredibly visible part of our business.  Each day, they meet and greet our guests and receive constant praise for their level of guest services.

Equally busy are the guest service representatives in our information center.  Our information center team members provide friendly, attentive, caring service to both our guests and our fellow team members throughout the salons.  They provide our guests with excellent guest service by scheduling appointments, answering questions, and much more.  Without this group, we could not continue on our mission of providing world-class salon and spa services.

To show our appreciation for our amazing team members, Charles and I recently presented a piece of artwork to the information center.  The heart in the painting represents our information center—the heart of our company.  They are an essential part of what we do every day and we wanted to take a moment, especially during this incredibly busy time, to thank them for all that they do…everyday.

The artwork pictured in the photos above was painted by the internationally recognized, award winning artist Mac Worthington.  Mac Worthington is a local artist who owns a gallery in the Columbus' Short North district.   To learn more about Mac Worthington’s work, visit

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