Mother Daughter Spa Day Participant Spotlight: Meet Katy Ferris

Each year, we're fortunate enough to open our to young girls with life-threatening illnesses. Named "Mother Daughter Spa Day," this event serves as a time to pamper these strong survivors, accompanied by their mothers. This year we welcome back Katy Ferris.

Katy Ferris was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at  three and half years old, and received chemotherapy that resulted in losing her hair twice. When her hair grew back and was long enough to donate, she went to The Charles Penzone Salon at Polaris Parkway to get the cut. To this day, she says that it was a wonderful experience and she will always remember it.


Katy is 18 years old, and recently graduated from Pickerington High School. She will attend Central Ohio Technical College and major in Web Design in August. This will be her third year attending Mother Daughter Spa Day and she looks forward to getting a pedicure every year. And, we can't wait to pamper her later this month!

Posted: 7/1/2014 1:26:07 PM by Mary Sundermeier, PR Coordinator
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Real CP Brides!

Did you get engaged over the holiday season? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! We are seriously so excited for you!

On your wedding day, we know that you'll have your groom's full attention. But until then, you can have ours! We offer a full array of services for brides - literally from head-to-toe!

If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out our reel of REAL CP brides. That's right - real women styled by the fanastic hair professionals and estheticians within our salons!

And, if you want a quick rundown of the fantastic services we offer for brides, head on over to the BRIDAL BRILLIANCE section of our website! There, you'll find a full list of services as well as information about our Bridal Coordinators, On-Site Services and Grand Suite.

Or, if you're more of the chatty type, give us a quick call: 614.418.5350!

We would love the opportunity to work with you this year! And, once again - congratulations on your exciting engagement!

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Feeling frantic from all your holiday shopping? Schedule our Sugar Cookie Refining Facial today and enjoy some rest, relaxation and exfoliation! Cozy up in our heated spa beds and enjoy the comforting scent of freshly baked sugar cookies while your Licensed Esthetician applies a triple action refining facial scrub while you enjoy the comforting scent of fresh baked sugar cookies. Next, enjoy a warming cinnamon and enzyme exfoliating mask under steam, and a face, neck, and shoulder massage with our custom-blended massage oils. Afterwards, hands and feet, surely sore from shopping, are massaged with hydrating almond lotion. This soothing service is complete with an oxygenating treatment mask for truly radiant skin. You will be ready to glow in those holiday family photos!

Once your facial skin is refined and re-hydrated, continue your pampering with our new Hot Cocoa Body Polish and Massage! Our Massage Therapists will utilize a chocolate body scrub to reveal softer and silkier skin. Enjoy a relaxing hot shower and return to the treatment room for a luxurious Therastone massage. Your Massage Therapist will begin with a soothing massage with chocolate oil. Hot stones are then incorporated into the experience for maximum healing benefits. You will feel relaxed and refreshed from head to toe!
Why stop now?  Continue your scrumptious spa experience with our Peppermint Patty Pedicure? Sit back and relax in one of our brand new massaging pedicure chairs. After your nails are shaped and your feet smoothened, your Licensed Nail Professional will exfoliate your skin with a chocolate body scrub. Next is a relaxing foot massage with a rich chocolate buttercream. Enjoy a soothing and hydrating Peppermint Mask, and complete your service with a new festive holiday polish, or an old favorite!
A Peppermint Patty Manicure completes your spa day! Your nails will be shaped and prepped, and your hands will be extra soft and smooth after exfoliation with chocolate scrub. Your Licensed Nail Professional will hydrate winter-worn hands with rich chocolate buttercream and a soothing peppermint mask. Match polish with your toes, or try something new. Your nails will be dazzling and ready for the holidays!

Posted: 11/25/2013 9:43:33 AM by Marnie Morley, Licensed Esthetician at the Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Gahanna/New Albany, Spa Advancement Team Member
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Decorate Those Digits With Hot Nail Trends!

As a nail professional for the past 14 years, I’ve seen nail trends come and go.  However some sustain the test of time.  Take the French manicure for instance.  It’s the good old classic standby especially during the wedding season.  However, with the emergence of other new trends, the French mani has been given a run for its money!  Nail art is back in a big way!  No longer a thing of the past, nail art has resurrected itself as one of the staple nail services in salons and spas across the country – and, right here in Columbus at The Charles Penzone Salons!

If this sounds scary to you and brings to mind the image of inch-long nails with airbrushed beach scenes, put that out of your mind.  The nail designs of today are simple—yet creative and fun.  Polka dots, stripes, flowers and animal prints are just a few of the designs you can add to your nails to show off your fun and playful side.

Below is a list of popular trends in polishes and nail art.  Before we go on though, I’d like to answer a question I get asked all the time. In regards to polish, “do my nails and toes have to match?” Absolutely not!  It’s truly personal preference so you decide what look you’d like to showcase.

This is a textured polish that’s glittery and unique.  It requires no top coat so it has a sandy matte finish. Some are so glittery, and as a guest said the other day, “it’s like I have diamonds on my nails!”  My favorite is Tiffany Case from the Bond Girls collection.

Simply put, this refers to keeping one nail different from the rest.  Usually it’s the ring finger.  This could be as simple as polishing the nail a different color or adding nail art. This is extremely popular because anyone can do it—especially for the conservative types who want to add something fun without feeling like it’s too much.

Also referred to as gradient nails, this is when the nail starts out one color and morphs into another. The color can go from lighter to darker or vice versa. It can also change into a completely different color. You could also do each nail a different color in the same color family using the lighter to darker method.

It’s exactly what it says. Polish with a matte finish. It creates a softer look without the shine. You can also use shiny top coat to create designs over your matte polish. Or have the matte topcoat applied to your favorite polish to change the look!

Yes, the regular French is a classic look but there are so many options to dress up your French polish. The reverse French is where the moon on the nail is the accent while the rest of the nail is polished a different color. You can also add a stripe of another color or glitter polish directly above the regular French to add a little pizazz. You can add simple nail art such as polka dots. If you really want to keep it simple, you can stray from the classic pink and white combo by using two completely different colors.


This refers to a nail similar to a French but a “v” shape is used instead of the traditional curved line and it can be placed at the base of the nail or the tip. Chevron also refers to a series of “v” shapes painted across the nail in a line.

These are just a few of our favorite nail trends this summer!   With all the different styles today, the options are endless.  It’s all about having fun – especially in the carefree summer months! 

Schedule your nail appointment today with any of the nail professionals listed below, relax and have fun!!  

Cherise, Catalina, Faith, Dawn, Bianca, Tammy

Bea, Annette, Cherise, Elizabeth, Fiona

Mia, Zeta, Debrynne


Posted: 7/15/2013 4:22:47 PM by Mia, Licensed Nail Professional at The Grand Salon a Polaris Parkway, Spa Advancement Team Member
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How To Maintain Those Manis and Pedis This Summer

Summer is the best time to show of your perfect pedicure and manicure.  As someone who has been at this for years, here are just a few tips to make those colorful and shiny nails last longer this summer! 

Touch Up Your Topcoat.
Most people never bother to reapply top coat which wears down within 48-hours of leaving your manicurist’s chair. As your lacquer’s first line of defense against chipping, it’s crucial to use it every other day. Be sure to seal the “free edge,” which in manicure-speak means the part of your nail that is clipped or filed. “Sealing the free edge can double the life of your manicure and pedicure from only days to a full week or more. Apply a layer of clear top coat every other day to minimize the chances of the color chipping.  W offer OPI Topcoat and CND Super Shiney (as pictured here.)

Carry Around Your Cuticle Oil. Use cuticle oil daily to keep your pedicure and manicure looking fresh.  It not only protects against unsightly rough skin and painful hangnails, but it also keeps polish from chipping. Apply it on the cuticle and across the polish twice a day.  OPI's Avoplex is our product recco here!

Stay Away From Heat. It takes 12 hours for your nail polish to fully harden. During this time avoid saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs. If you wash your hands with hot water, follow up with a cold water rinse for 10-15 seconds to cure the polish.

Avoid Synthetic Fragrance. Perfumes found in hand lotions can cause nail lacquer to crack. Look for natural options that use hydrating essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance

Choose The Right Footwear. Flip-flops are your ideal choice for starting off on the right foot since they fully avoid contact with freshly painted toes. If you forgot your pair at home and are stuck with flats or boots, use a thick layer of oil and a few twists of plastic wrap to protect your pedicure.

Feeling like you want to give these helpful tips a try?  Go ahead…give us a call (614.418.5350) or hop online to schedule your appointment!

Posted: 7/2/2013 8:20:47 AM by Bea, Licensed Nail Professional & Spa Advancement Team Member, The Grand Salon in Gahanna/New Albany
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