The End of Winter Beauty Kit

Your winter boots have been replaced mid-season, you started taking vitamin D supplements, and you have finished three different television series on Netflix. That’s right, it’s March, it’s still Winter, and everyone is (still) miserable. “But it’s March” you say? We know, but Punxsutawney Phil DID predict six more weeks of Winter, so we’ve put together a snowmergency kit for some Winter hair and skin revival. We can see the light at the end of that tunnel we call Winter, and we’re going to see this season through looking fab.


Winterproof your skin by doing this simple tasks below:

•    To ward off dryness, cleanse your face just once a day. We recommend doing a face cleanse at night, and a simple rinse in the morning.

•    Alcohol dries the skin, so during the cold months, keep products with high levels of alcohol on the shelf. Exfoliate your body and face only once a week with a gentle scrub or a washcloth.

•    Take short showers. Over-bathing can strip the body of its oh-so-important natural oils.

•    Moisturize! Lather up at least twice a day to combat dryness. The dryer the skin, the thicker the moisturizer.

Your Winter Look:
Jade, esthetician at MAX The Salon in the Short North, created this look to keep you looking bright using the Youngblood makeup line we carry in the salons.

Brighten up your eyes with a wash of Platinum show from the Starlet palette. Smudge black shadow or black kohl pencil along the top lash line for a sultry, sophisticated look. Finish this with a pop of color in the lips and cheeks. Try Youngblood gloss in Siren for a deep berry shine, and a Temptress pressed mineral blush.

Keep your tresses in check by following a few pointers:
•    Shower less. Much like winter skin care, showering less keeps your hair hydrated and healthy.

•    Take a break from the heat. Avoid blow-drying your hair to avoid that static mess. Take it a step further, and avoid heat tools as a whole. Not only do they dry your hair out, but they can cause breakage.

•    Use a leave-in conditioner to lock moisture in. It truly is a great product for a quick fix!

•    Color your hair for the transitioning season! Have some fun with the end of winter/beginning of spring by changing your color up! Consider burgundy, reddish brown, or a fun ombre for starters!

Your end of winter hair product lineup. All products available for purchase in The Charles Penzone Family of Salons:

Davines MoMo Shampoo + Conditioner: Its particularly rich formula has been created to deeply moisturize dry, dehydrated hair, making it soft, silky and full of body without weighing it down.

Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist - A sheer styling mist that gives hair instant polish and shine for lackluster locks.

MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask- Great for dry, damaged, or thick hair, this hydrating mask contains oil–rich formulas to deeply hydrate and condition your hair, while dramatically improving hair’s texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

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Real CP Brides!

Did you get engaged over the holiday season? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! We are seriously so excited for you!

On your wedding day, we know that you'll have your groom's full attention. But until then, you can have ours! We offer a full array of services for brides - literally from head-to-toe!

If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out our reel of REAL CP brides. That's right - real women styled by the fanastic hair professionals and estheticians within our salons!

And, if you want a quick rundown of the fantastic services we offer for brides, head on over to the BRIDAL BRILLIANCE section of our website! There, you'll find a full list of services as well as information about our Bridal Coordinators, On-Site Services and Grand Suite.

Or, if you're more of the chatty type, give us a quick call: 614.418.5350!

We would love the opportunity to work with you this year! And, once again - congratulations on your exciting engagement!

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Feeling frantic from all your holiday shopping? Schedule our Sugar Cookie Refining Facial today and enjoy some rest, relaxation and exfoliation! Cozy up in our heated spa beds and enjoy the comforting scent of freshly baked sugar cookies while your Licensed Esthetician applies a triple action refining facial scrub while you enjoy the comforting scent of fresh baked sugar cookies. Next, enjoy a warming cinnamon and enzyme exfoliating mask under steam, and a face, neck, and shoulder massage with our custom-blended massage oils. Afterwards, hands and feet, surely sore from shopping, are massaged with hydrating almond lotion. This soothing service is complete with an oxygenating treatment mask for truly radiant skin. You will be ready to glow in those holiday family photos!

Once your facial skin is refined and re-hydrated, continue your pampering with our new Hot Cocoa Body Polish and Massage! Our Massage Therapists will utilize a chocolate body scrub to reveal softer and silkier skin. Enjoy a relaxing hot shower and return to the treatment room for a luxurious Therastone massage. Your Massage Therapist will begin with a soothing massage with chocolate oil. Hot stones are then incorporated into the experience for maximum healing benefits. You will feel relaxed and refreshed from head to toe!
Why stop now?  Continue your scrumptious spa experience with our Peppermint Patty Pedicure? Sit back and relax in one of our brand new massaging pedicure chairs. After your nails are shaped and your feet smoothened, your Licensed Nail Professional will exfoliate your skin with a chocolate body scrub. Next is a relaxing foot massage with a rich chocolate buttercream. Enjoy a soothing and hydrating Peppermint Mask, and complete your service with a new festive holiday polish, or an old favorite!
A Peppermint Patty Manicure completes your spa day! Your nails will be shaped and prepped, and your hands will be extra soft and smooth after exfoliation with chocolate scrub. Your Licensed Nail Professional will hydrate winter-worn hands with rich chocolate buttercream and a soothing peppermint mask. Match polish with your toes, or try something new. Your nails will be dazzling and ready for the holidays!

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DAVINES: A New Hair Care Experience

We are so excited to announce that DAVINES products were brought into our salons this week!   We are completely enamored with this brand and its products and cannot wait to introduce you, our guests, to DAVINES.

Pier Paulo Brandolini from the DAVINES team traveled here to Columbus to educate our team on the ins and outs of this incredible line earlier this week.  During the class, we learned about the rich culture of the family-owned DAVINES line.  This 30-year-old Italian company is completely focused on crafting quality products that are a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science as well as people and sprit.  While the company is firmly rooted in tradition, they’re completely innovative at the same time.  At DAVINES, they dare to do what they believe in and rather than confirming to the mainstream, they allow intuition to pave their path.  In doing this, they’re free to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic and emotionally connected with people.

And, this is why we love DAVINES

DAVINES uses the best nature-driven, as well as science-enhanced products for the sustainable well-being of hair, skin and body.  All products in this line are zero impact and are completely environmentally friendly.

Check out that packaging!  A little different from what you may be used to, right?  Reason being, DAVINES uses renewable and essential packaging.  Made with 25% less plastic, the packaging reflects the purity of the formula inside.  And, while you may question conditioner presented in a tub package, DON’T!  Think about it, you’ll be able to use every.last.OUNCE. of this fabulous product by simply scooping it out of the tub.  It’s as simple as that. 

DAVINES has simply, yet effectively named each product in their line.  Each of DAVINES Essential Hair Care” shampoos and conditioners has easy to read labels that come with cute nicknames. MOMO = moisturizing line.  NOUNOU = nourishing.  VOLU = any guesses?  (Yep, volume!)  Each product is formulated with a specific natural ingredient to give your hair its own natural balance. Some of these ingredients include Roucou oil, chestnut milk, fig extract, and milk thistle just to name a few.

We’re excited to share that we’re the first salon in North America to carry the DAVINES More Inside” styling line!  Each are hand-wrapped in beautiful papers straight from Italy.  Each and every one of these products feels like a gift.  (And, it’s okay to gift them to yourself! We won’t tell!)  Inside you will not only find very easy to follow directions but also an inspiring message. Each product has state-of-the-art formulas that ensure extra moisture, extreme elasticity, anti-flaking effect and functional enhancing texture, all while giving well defined hair that is flexible.

The DAVINES Authentic” line will also be available in our assortment.   This line is designed for the delight of the hair, face AND body!  The line’s fragrance, with aromatherapy balancing, is based on natural citrus fruit and floral essences harmonized by cedarwood.  And trust us, it’s lovely!

DAVINES brings so many exciting new possibilities to not only our team of professionals but YOU as guests.  While we’ve only had a few short days with the DAVINES line, we’re already raving fans.  The brand, its authenticity, and the products are the perfect combination.  We can’t wait to introduce you to DAVINES during your next visit!

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A Peek Inside Our New Pumpkin Spice Refining Facial

As soon as I can sense that the days are getting shorter, I immediately feel ready for the fun of a new season!  For The Charles Penzone Salons, a shift in the seasons gives us an opportunity to create a new collection of services.  We love when this happens!  As a team, we get together and develop the new services from start to finish – making sure that it’s suitable for the season and a pleaser for our favorite people, our guests!  So, in honor of our latest and greatest, I wanted to give everyone a little peek into exactly what happens in our new Pumpkin Spice Refining Facial.  

When you check in for your service, you’ll have the opportunity to begin your experience with a warm mug of pumpkin spice coffee.  After slipping into the cozy spa bed, soothing spa music will lull you to sleep as you our Pumpkin Spice Refining Facial begins.  Your Licensed Esthetician uses the benefits of a two-in-one physical scrub and glycolic acid exfoliator to instantly smooth your skin while you breathe in the comforting aroma of fresh baked pumpkin pie.  A cinnamon enzyme exfoliation mask for maximum smoothing and refining benefits comes next, while a little delicious scented Pumpkin Spice body butter is massaged into your hands and feet. After a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, a customized treatment mask designed to target your specific skin care concerns is applied. Not only will your skin feel radiant, you’ll feel absolutely relaxed after this great new service.  You’re sure to look and feel your very best!

My hope is that my mini description above leaves you intrigued enough to schedule your own appointment!   “SPICE UP” your fall with our new facial or any of the other great new services in this collection.  We hope to see you soon!

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