Color.Bugs Have Arrived!

The Charles Penzone Salons are excited to announce an awesome hair product that has arrived on our retail shelves! Color.Bugs by Kevin.Murphy are now available for purchase in all of our salons. Read on to find out more about this awesome product!

What are Color.Bugs?
Color.Bugs are a wipe on, shampoo out product. They are a safe, gentle color pad that wipes on color and washes out instantly. Think of it as an eye-shadow for your hair. This is the perfect product for anyone who wants a burst of fun color but does not want to commit to permanent hair color. Color.Bugs are available in Pink, Purple and Orange!

Why should I get Color.Bugs?

There is a huge color trend sweeping through the industry right now. Other products and application processes are very harmful for the hair. Color.Bugs do not compromise the hair and they provide a burst of bright color that isn’t permanent!

How do I get Color.Bugs?
Color.Bugs are available for purchase in all of our salons for $20 each. If you would like a hair professional to apply it to your hair, it is an additional $10.

How do I apply Color.Bugs?

Step 1: Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from possible spillage.

Step 2: Using the color pad, rub on to dry hair where you want the color to show.  It is recommended to use a leave in conditioner on really dry bleached hair or over processed hair.  A styling product, such as pomade, can be used prior to application as well to really help it stick.

Step 3: Massage into hair to ensure that the product is thoroughly worked through the hair and is evenly spread.

Step 4: End with a finishing spray to lock the color in place. Alterna Caviar Working Spray works well. 

Step 5: Wash hands. This product is water soluble so it will wash off of the hands completely.

Stop by any of our salons to purchase this hot new item! We tested them at Race for the Cure, and they are definitely a hit! Apply it to your hair before your next summer event, and you are sure to be turning heads!

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